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Ave Mariana You remind me of a west side storywe are just trying to get f₹ood summer death~ £∀฿ What medium is the bibleʔ Brainʔ Sunlightʔ The perfect movieʔ ∴ Why isnt the bible called A. Brain Sunlight The Perfect Movieʔi. Survival Fantasy Ego Diary GibberishʔB. The Multiverse Raʔ So Im jeeperscreepers damagedʔ I dont see heaven movie dimension frequencie fairiesʔ Psionic loudspeakers of the presidentʔ e.p.a. system in the skyʔ So youre hungry for black /light market cybernetic third eye mannaʔ Visual minds and eden are outlawedʔ A retarded world of neverending violenceʔ Ritual pedophilic mutilation the gloamingʔ Cars drive over the air they should be illegal. Stand fruit outside naked santa the equator. Let the dogs out. Save the animals . Desert hobbitshire overgrow fbi.mhs dr.cures airforceengineere gardener . fruiteryanism socialistanarchism edow qol welfare reform labs levitation black flames time diilation hyperspace mirrorverse apollora apples peaches pears nectarines plums peppers coca peyote ganja ma huang sassafras opium ngsiahp dxm no2 muscimol psilocybin save the seeds grow them psychedelic prison rehabilitation freedom peace love commune winnebago greyhound flagstaff arizona hippy paramilitary blonde contra gold suited police shut down babylon evacuate learn to fly resurection robotics breathing revelations pantheism boycott babylon riot loot smash arson . digital desert camo hooded waterproof nike uptempo gold hiking backpack i.d. card birth cert. tent fatsharpietag fruits a trip trip in style legal psychedelics end the drug war epa solarelectric terraform the desert house searches all fbi payroll 100ft sailboat bunker spiral staircase sunship factories stay clean graduate college~ scotch billairds spy phone pub lights sectional ebook publishing mushroom geeks wwooff organic volunteers gameplasma okay so thats the bible as best a robot can say it a text based movie lpmud bye love you ,crn om777 indigo suniverse eden ships